The original

SunSquare® is the inventor of fully automatic, radio remote-controlled and wind-monitored rollable awning systems with worldwide patent protection. The patented drive system guarantees reduced, soft loads on the entire technology. Since 1993, over 15,000 systems have been installed worldwide and SunSquare® can rightly call itself the market leader.

Research & Development

SunSquare® is continuously researching and developing. All mechanical components were designed by Gerald WURZ and brought to series maturity in collaboration with Norbert KAUTZKY. The design language runs through all components like a common thread and has won a REDDOT DESIGN AWARD. test test test

Drive and control

SunSquare® does not use any components from outside the industry, such as yacht accessories. All components correspond to their function and are specially developed and produced for their use.

Tractive force

SunSquare® relies on Dyneema® hauling ropes from the TEUFELBERGER brand – the market leader in the field of modern and contemporary rope production. The 32-plait sheath protects the Dyneema® core from UV radiation and abrasion – our ropes are always dyed black for UV protection – a design feature.


With NIROLINE®, SunSquare® has the most comprehensive and complex fastening system on the awning market. Loved by our customers – admired by architects and engineers.


SunSquare® relies on EN-1090 certification and in-house factory testing of all components. All internal welding production steps and all welding technicians themselves are certified to EN-1090.


SunSquare® relies on sailcloth from the SATTLER, DICKSON and SERGE FERRARI brands. These sailcloths are the high-end products on the market and are characterized by the high quality of their workmanship and the high-quality fabric body – spun-dyed and UV-resistant.

Stainless steel

SunSquare® relies on V4A stainless steel grades 1.4404 and 1.4571 – the increased resistance to corrosion and pitting predestines these steels for outdoor use. With tube wall thicknesses of 3.6 mm and some internal steel mandrels with a wall thickness of 12 mm, the necessary dimensioning of the supports for our application is very solid.


SunSquare® partners plan all sun sails with the utmost precision. SunSquare planners use 2D and 3D CAD programs as well as the measuring tool developed by SunSquare® for 1:1 simulation on site. The partners are supported by SunSquare headquarters in the planning of very complex projects.


SunSquare® relies on its certified sales partners. All sales partners undergo a three-day training course and are informed about ongoing improvements – this guarantees the best advice for end customers and optimum planning at the cutting edge of awning technology.