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Sun & shade, 365 days a year.

With SunSquare's patented technology, the triangular sail is the ultimate product in awning and shading technology. An electronically automated rolling system, custom designed for each customer, using the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum materials available; the triangular sail is the true definition of shade.

Incompar can install this incredibly versatile product for you as an architectural accent, courtyard canopy or even as an open space canopy up to 80sqm2 per sail.the triangular sail provides shade to suit your needs. If a sun awning proves to be unsuitable, the same construction can be used for a double triangular awning, which enables alternative positioning of the central spindle.Each sun awning is unique and is produced just for you and fitted precisely to your project.

Triangular Sun Sail models from SunSquare


The traditional SunSquare® awning, equipped with a spring tension system on the F-support, is suitable for batten awnings with a maximum size of 50 m² and for radiant awnings up to a maximum fabric area of 70 m².

sunsquare square sonnensegel federzug sqs triangular


The SunSquare® sun awning, equipped with a compensator, is designed for battened awnings up to a maximum size of 50 m² and radiant awnings up to a maximum fabric area of 70 m².

sqk sonnensegel


The most robust SunSquare® sun sail, which is equipped with two compensators, is designed for sun sails with an area of over 50 m² up to a maximum of 76 m² fabric area.

sunsquare sonnensegel federzug SQK II


The SunSquare® Cantilever awning is characterized by a self-supporting shaft, which means that only three fixing points (on the wall or on the ground) are required. Equipped with a compensator, it is suitable for both batten and beam sails up to a maximum fabric area of 35 m².

sqk cant sunsquare


The ability to rotate 270 degrees transforms the 30 m² sail sunshade into 75 m² of sun protection. The awning is also characterized by its intelligence: If the wind is too strong, the arm system folds up automatically and the sail retracts.

sunsquare sonnensegel foldroll
sunsquare sonnensege fold roll drehbarkeitl


The latest product from SunSquare - the FOLD&ROLL AXIS. Two attachment points provide 71 m² of sail area or 46 m² in the smaller version. The large-area textile sun and rain protection FOLD&ROLL AXIS is ideal for use in the catering and hotel industry, in the leisure sector and in public spaces.

sunsquare sonnensegel fold roll axis

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