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Sun & shade, 365 days a year.

SunSquare has recognized that triangular awnings are not suitable for many modern buildings and has therefore developed the most advanced rectangular awning system on the market. Maintaining its reputation with the highest quality material for virtually indestructible products, the rectangular sail is just as impressive as its sibling products.

Tailored to the needs of each customer, this electronically automated awning is made from high-quality stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum parts. A wind monitor and radio remote control are also standard.

Available in fabrics that provide both rain and sun protection, the design can be customized for any size and need, from restaurant courtyards to private pool lounge areas to boat decks.

The sails also keep out evening humidity and create a sense of space which is further enhanced at night with indirect lighting in the canvas, for which Sunsquare has also developed LED lights that perfectly match the sails and are dimmable and can be operated via radio control.

Rectangular SunSquare awning models


The single-sided SunSquare® awning, which impresses with its rectangular sail shape, is designed for sail areas up to a maximum size of 38 m² fabric area.

ax 1 sonnensegel


The two-sided SunSquare® awning with a rectangular cut, suitable for sail areas up to a maximum of 76 m² fabric area.

ax ii sonnensegel


The SunSquare® Cantilever awning is characterized by a self-supporting shaft, which means that only three fixing points (on the wall or on the ground) are required. Equipped with a compensator, it is suitable for both batten and beam sails up to a maximum fabric area of 35 m².

sunsquare ax cant sonnensegel

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