Premium Sun Sails for sun protection & ambience

Discover the essence of luxury living with our high-quality parasols here in the beautiful Balearic Islands. Crafted for durability and quality, our parasols are designed to enhance your outdoor experience. With electrically retractable functions and a stainless steel composition, our sun protection systems offer both style and functionality. Equipped with wind sensors for added comfort, we offer more than just shade - we offer a lifestyle. Transform your outdoor space with our exquisite sun shading systems and enjoy the ultimate in comfort and sophistication.

SunSquare awning briefly explained
In Spain exclusively at Incompar Balear S.L.

For over 25 years, our specialist staff have been installing tailor-made awnings on the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and the Spanish mainland, individually adapted to customer requirements and local conditions. We offer comprehensive engineering services for modern construction challenges as well as standard features such as house insulation, insulation, work safety, cleanliness, punctuality, flexibility and professional appearance.

Triangular Sun Sails

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With SunSquare's patented technology, the triangular sail is the ultimate product in awning and shading technology of the last 10 years.

An electronically automated rolling system, custom designed for each customer, using the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum materials available; the triangular sail is the true definition of shade.

Incompar can install this incredibly versatile product for you as an architectural accent, courtyard canopy or even as an open space canopy up to 80sqm2 per sail. The triangular sail provides shade that meets your needs.

Rectangular Sun Sails

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SunSquare has recognized that triangular awnings are not suitable for many modern buildings and has therefore developed the most advanced rectangular awning system on the market.

Maintaining its reputation with the highest quality material for virtually indestructible awning products, the rectangular awning is just as impressive as its sibling products.

Tailor-made for the needs of every customer, whether private or commercial, this electronically automated awning is individually manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum parts. This allows you to implement your shade concept on a larger scale than intended.

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    14. March 2021

    Solucions innovadores, originals i personalitzades.

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    14. March 2020

    Die können - wissen wie man Schatten macht. Sehr zu empfehlen die Profis von incompar

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    14. April 2023


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    14. March 2020

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